FSPL2[dropcap1 color=”black” animation=”slideInLeft”]F[/dropcap1]SPL, an ISO 9001:2008 certified idea-driven consulting firm, proposing cutting edge quality solutions to its clients in areas such as project management, Technical Consulting, business consulting, process & management consulting, training & development, recruitment etc. that  will help you use the best strategy to deeply engage with the people who matter most and to continue creating solutions that positively impact people’s lives.

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[fancyheading heading=”h4″ align=”textleft”]Profile[/fancyheading]

[highlight]Mission :[/highlight]

  •  To provide quality oriented services through our performance, acquisition & application of skill/ knowledge & to grow with qualities that support & deliver all around solutions to the clients.
  •  To execute & deliver projects economically with uncompromising quality & safety standards.



To transform into knowledge/ skill based service organization & to establish a resource network for technical expertise and development through quality based service excellence.


[highlight]Quality Policy :[/highlight]

To meet our objective the firm will:

  • Deliver consistent quality to our potential clients.
  • Support & continuously engage our best assets-our people.
  • Deliver & Process application of technology.
  • Effectively execute the strategies that form the crucial link between objectives & performance of client.