Flowchart on a chalk board with world globe showing AmericaFSPL looks at every project with a fresh perspective, no matter how big or small it may be. The firm supports and promotes in its people a willingness to think laterally. Often, this willingness to take a creative approach produces ideas and concepts that may not have been immediately obvious, but which often deliver the best solutions.

FSPL invests heavily in research and developments, which inform its approach to projects and keepit focused on ‘future-proofing’ its design, as well as best practice now. It also invests in skills networks and facilitates the constant exchange of ideas between its people, no matter where they are based or what discipline they belong to.The result is solutions that work for clients and for the people who use them and live or work in and around them. There is more pressure than ever to deliver more from less, of high quality, more quickly.