Why We

Why Choose Us ?


  • We possess knowledge, technical skills & experience to deal with every aspect of business.
  • Effective execution of our strategies that forms the crucial link b/w objectives & performance.
  • We ensure organization sustainable, productive, profitable & efficient operations.
  • Focus on latest industrial aspect & prepare candidate for these real time project.
  • Our innovative approach enables clients to achieve their sustainable business &corporate responsibility aspirations.
  • We offer wide range of capabilities from strategy & policy development to planning & permit for design procurement & project management.
  • A wealth of technical expertise at FSPL enables clients to incorporate sustainability into their strategies projects & operations.
  • We deliver high performance solutions to today’s challenges.
  • Our technical experts share an inventive joined up approach & thrive on problem solving. For each challenge we define best as the right combination of quality, economy, innovation & efficiency to meet our clients individual business needs.
  • We understand that business must build &maintain their assets & run their operations to make them learner.
  • Our team includes leading thinkers in material science, engineering & management.

We aim to meet or exceed quality objectives:

For clients

  • By achieving a client satisfaction level ≥ 70% in terms of implementation of projects and services.
  • By periodically monitoring, controlling and addressing complaints for their elimination.

For employees

  • By enhancement of skill, competence and satisfaction level and process competency through conducive environment, rewards & training.

For partners, sub-consultants and suppliers

  • Maintain a good and lasting relationship.

Our USP:

  • Strong organizational support through in house human resource.
  • Unlikely to be affected in a slowdown.
  • Diversity in executive & expert panel.
  • Our business provides services as opposed to product manufacturing.
  • In house projects.
  • Experts are hired on project basis.

Diversity of opinion and ideas are highly prized at FSPL, this diversity helps foster the creativity that is FSPL’s hallmark.