Green Energy & Facility Management Solutions (GEFMS)

(Building value for your Buildings, Facilities and Business)

 As a part of our initiative in Green & Sustainable development, we are introducing FSPL’s integrated Green Energy & Facility Management Solutions (GEFMS) or visit

Under Facility Management Solutions (FMS), we provide electrical lightening, building maintenance & repairing solutions/services to a broad range of commercial, industrial, utility & institutional customers.

And Green Energy Management Solutions (GEMS) like providing Solar power projects, end to end solution of Solar Products, Tailor made Solution for Industries, Residential, Corporate, Institutions Hotels, Hospitals, Farmhouse, Schools, Colleges, Petrol Pump etc. to our valued clients. We are dealing with different types of solar products like photovoltaic & energy saving products.

What We Offer:

Do you seek —more than ever— to lower your facility services costs, increase efficiency and improve performance?

Outsourcing of non-core functions like building maintenance is a forward-thinking answer. And FSPL is your ideal partner. Whatever your needs, we’ll provide expertise in your type of property. We specialize in the management, maintenance and repair of our client’s assets. GEFMS can assist with:


From the early stages of facility planning and design through all phases of construction, GEFMS expertise plays a key role in the building structures. Some of our services include:

§  Lighting

§  Plumbing

§  Air & Water quality systems

§  Green Technology Solutions



GEFMS deal with enhancing services and technologies that demand stable, reliable power. Some of our services include:

§  Electrical installation and maintenance

§  Redundant and backup power.

§  AC/DC power systems installation

§  Alternative power solutions

§  Energy efficient lighting


Who better to provide service than the experts who build and power complete facilities? Some of the services we provide:

§  Integrated facilities management

§  Renovations & retrofits

§  Energy audits


We protect your staff, property, privacy and expensive equipment. Some of our services include:

§  Fire detection systems

§  Security technology


§  Perimeter security and fire control and more

How You Benefit By GEFMS

Through our GEFMS, clients enjoy reduced costs, improved quality, and increased performance. Not to mention fewer administrative headaches. There are advantages of GEFMS:

#A Single Point of Contact- With GEFMS, there’s one phone number for service requests PAN India.

#Consolidated Billing- Receive electronic billing for seamless processing and upon request, itemized invoices for each of your service locations.

#Streamlined Service Requests & Reporting- Get immediate response through our 24-hour call center or Social media-based customer portal that is accessible on PC’s, smart phones and other mobile devices.

#Pricing Advantages- Enjoy the major cost benefits of dealing with a single vendor for all your commercial facility services and the buying power of a company that specializes in building maintenance solutions.

#Dedicated Account Manager- GEFMS account managers keep you informed of operations at your facilities. They ensure that standardization programs are in place, all contract terms are being met, and facility issues are resolved as they arise. By outsourcing maintenance services to FSPL, we become part of your team.

#Preventative Maintenance Programs- We strives to identify and fix potential problems before they occur. GEFMS manages the preventative maintenance schedule so you don’t have to.

Start outsourcing maintenance services today – it will give you the time to focus on your business.

Facility Management Solutions (FMS)

Optimizing the performance of commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities and their environments is what our facilities management solutions focuses on. Our innovative, results-oriented engineering services and customized products enable our clients to understand the economics of buildings and their related systems. Our commitment to excellence provides our clients with a competitive advantage as we partner to find unique facilities-based solutions to their specific business needs.

We offer expertise to owners of a broad range of facilities, including colleges/universities, critical facilities, distribution centres, environmental facilities, healthcare facilities, manufacturing sites, office buildings, and transportation facilities.

Improper maintenance increases the risk that an equipment malfunction will disrupt operations and interfere with production. In many corporate environments, one hour of downtime may cost thousands, even millions, of dollars in terms of lost productivity and business. For many businesses, downtime is no longer acceptable. Instead of responding in a reactive state, with maintenance workers constantly having to troubleshoot and fix problems, we promote a proactive approach to maintenance that maximizes productivity.

 >Industrial & Manufacturing Facility Management:

We have the flexibility and resources to provide manufacturing facility services according to your schedule, without ever inconveniencing your staff or interrupting production. Your property – and your image – will benefit from FMS expertise with industrial maintenance. Industrial facilities from all types of industries look to us for expert services, including:

·         Manufacturing plants·         Distribution centres

·         Transportation terminals

·         Printing and publishing

·         Paper manufacturers/Pulp mills

·         Automotive

·         Oil and gas production – Refineries·         Food processing

·         Logistics

·         Petrochemical

·         Power generation and transmission centers

·         Water and wastewater treatment

>On-Site Commercial Facility Management:

FMS on-site commercial property maintenance services are designed for large properties that require full-time, on-site staffing of maintenance engineers. FMS specialize in meeting your unique needs in the following markets:

·         Commercial Office Buildings·         Schools/ Colleges & Universities

·         Hotels/Motels/Resorts

·         Industrial Facilities·         Hospitals

·         Municipalities / Government Buildings

In addition to technical maintenance and repair, we also perform other electrical & lighting solutions.

 >Off-Site Small Facility Management:

FSPL also has an answer for sites that may not have daily service needs but still have periodic building maintenance and repair needs. Our small property network customers enjoy the convenience of on-demand services via our Call Centre. The maintenance and repair services designed for smaller sites offer a broad scope of work including, but not limited to electrical, lighting, regular preventive maintenance, and quality inspections. Typically, this maintenance solution is best for leased facilities with broad to limited service needs, including:

  • Home/Household
  • Schools
  • Grocery stores
  • Small retail locations

 >Lighting Retrofits and Maintenance:

The rising costs of energy have many facility owners searching everywhere to find possible ways to reduce their budgets. Many of them have turned to lighting retrofits to significantly reduce their energy costs.

Whether you have a single location or several thousand locations, FMS has the experience to handle any lighting retrofit project. Along with our trusted partners, we can handle the full management of your project from start to finish, including:

  • Complete lighting audit of each location to produce detailed proposal
  • In-depth lighting retrofit solutions and energy savings analyses
  • Coordination of labour, materials, and field level support
  • Achieving targeted budgets and timelines

Green Energy Management Solutions (GEMS)

At FSPL, team takes their commitment to environmental responsibility seriously — on and off the job: Green processes, Green products, and Green-conscious people. At FSPL, being “green” is more than a management philosophy — it’s a way of living — and it shows. At every level and in every process, FSPL takes its role as environmental steward seriously.

How do you apply the most effective energy management techniques to curb the rising cost of your utilities? Rely on an energy services company that can provide comprehensive, cost-effective solutions. GEMS bring you proven specialists to:

  •  help you reduce energy consumption
  • minimize your carbon footprint
  • implement measures that typically pay for themselves in less than two years

Reduce cost and risk with FSPL’s Green Energy Management Solutions (GEMS). Good people with smart technology make great decisions. The GEMS team understands this better than anyone.

The Energy Management Services to Handle All Your Needs

Energy analysis and consulting: GEMS energy professionals will visit your facilities and identify opportunities for improvement.

Energy engineering: Once we identify energy opportunities, we detail designs and engineering calculations to validate each energy management and conservation measure.

Project management and commissioning: GEMS is your turnkey solution to implementing all energy conservation measures from conception through commissioning.

Measurement and verification: Upon project completion, GEMS experts will verify project savings by measuring actual energy consumption against established baseline consumption.

Flexible financing and contracting: GEMS provides flexible options to meet your payback and cash flow objectives.

Ongoing operations: After completion, our facility maintenance resources ensure maximum benefit by maintaining your building systems at optimal performance.

 Solar PV Power off-grid Plant:

A solar off-grid is a system which consists of solar module/PV array, Batteries and inverters. In   this   system,   PV   array   generates   electricity   and   supply   to   connected   load   and simultaneously it charges the battery bank.

It has one limitation; it can’t run inductive or heavy load appliances during night hours on battery bank. This kind of system usually preferred in residential sector as there is requirement of 24 hours.

Solar PV Grid-tied Plant (Utility-scale):

This system is operated directly and supplies the power during sunshine hours. It has no battery bank but it can run any kind of load on utility scale.

This kind of system usually preferred in commercial and industrial sector. It can run every kind load that is being used in commercial and industrial sector.

 Grid-interactive power plants:

These plants supply the power to Grid/DISCOM. It is used for commercial purpose to gain the profit by selling of power on agreed tariff. Generally, it is not used for self-consumption or utility-scale.