About Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

CSR is defined as “the responsibility of enterprises for their impacts on society”. CSR in India has traditionally been seen as a philanthropic activity, but has moved from institutional building (educational, research & culture) to community development through various projects. The Companies Act, 2013 passed by Indian parliament which comes into effect on 1st April, 2014 has introduced the idea of CSR to the forefront and through its disclose-or-explain mandate, is promoting greater transparency and disclosure.

Since Corporate Social responsibility and sustainability are so closely entwined, it can be said that corporate social responsibility and sustainability is a company’s commitment to its stakeholders to conduct business in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner that is transparent and ethical.

The CSR provisions within the Act are applicable to companies if they have, for any financial year:

  • A net worth of at least 500 crore INR; or
  • A turnover of at least 1000 crore INR; or
  • Net profits of at least 5 crore INR.

The Act encourages companies to spend at least 2% of their average net profit in the previous three years on CSR activities. Also, the act lists out a set of activities eligible under CSR.
FSPL’s comprehensive CSR Consultancy objectives are:

  • To provide tools and practical framework to improve CSR decision making, manage risks, measure performance, and to create and leverage partnerships.
  • To help move away from conventional philanthropy to community’s need oriented initiatives through objective stakeholder-engagement-processes.
  • To develop understanding on how money spent could cover larger social and environmental issues.
  • To strengthen effective  sustainability reporting and transparent mode of communicating with all the stakeholders

Our Services:

In addition to the basic services which includes general awareness raising & overview of global and regulatory drivers, key social, ethical and environmental issues and related policies, practices & procedures, we provide following consultancy services in the area of CSR:

  • Design and implementation of CSR policy: facilitate in visioning, strategizing & operational reviews for developing an effective CSR policies.
  • Designing CSR initiative: facilitate in identifying priority needs of stakeholders, engagement with stakeholders that encompasses not only social but also environmental.
  • Need Assessment: Assessing the needs on social or environmental issues facing an organizations industry & competition.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation of CSR programs: Monitoring and evaluation is an essential part of any CSR initiative, which help businesses in enhancing their CSR programs. FSPL shall provide consultation to help organization by providing M & E. National and International Donor/Funding Agencies, Corporate Houses, International Organizations, NGOs and Government sometimes require third party to monitor their ongoing programmes and evaluate their current status to assess the success or failure of programme, develop strategies before scaling up and study contributing and limiting factors in the programme.

Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation: Frame works for reporting, monitoring and evaluation of company strategy, social investments, community perception of Company etc. sustainability reports, annual reports, website content etc. FSPL shall render services to corporates in reviewing the progress of CSR initiatives; identify problems in planning and/or implementation and suggest adjustments so that your commitment “makes a difference”.


  • Assist in Social Impact Assessment by setting up a mechanism to monitor and track the progress of the initiative in the identified and agreed upon set of parameters.
  • Evaluate and monitor the intended impact of the initiative and assist in making course correction; should it be warranted
  • Document and regularly report on the feedback generated from the field
  • Design a monitoring and Evaluation procedure for successful implementation
  • Implement the designed monitoring and evaluation mechanism effective implementation.
  • Impact Assessment /CSR Audit: Conducting impact assessment of CSR initiatives, ensuring that the activities conducted under CSR are duly captures for future decision making process.
  • Reporting and Communication: developing case studies & success stories of successful strategies
  • Draft CSR reports for Organization: designing and developing reports that suit the organization’s & stakeholder’s needs

Training Programmes on CSR:

  • CSR Law 2013: Formation of Committee, Selection of Directors, Annual Reporting of CSR spend
  • HR Challenges in CSR Projects : People Engagement, CSR Leadership, Recruitment, Local Protest, Hiring CSR Professionals- Technical Knowledge, Expertise, Educational qualification, managing attrition, retention policies
  • CSR Project Planning, Strategy, Budgeting, Need Analysis
  • CSR Project Evaluation, Impact Analysis, Measuring Success of CSR Projects
  • CSR Project Planning, Execution and Management
  • NGO Partnership for CSR Project implementation
  • CSR & MDGs: Health, Education, Empowerment, Environment, Livelihood Generation
  • CSR Reporting & Communications: GRI Reporting Standards, ISO 26000
  • CSR & Stakeholder Communication: Role of Media and information dissemination
  • Case Studies on Successful CSR project of Various organization

We believe that FSPL can contribute significantly in CSR policy formulation, designing & implementing CSR initiatives, need assessment, implementing projects, monitoring & impact assessment & other related activities and provide a catalytic support to various programmes.

We shall be glad to meet you and answer queries, if you have any. Feel free to contact at 09996074781.