Project Management

imagesOur view on providing project management services is a holistic approach that includes a business and technology perspective in customizing real solutions. Our integrated expertise, coupled with our breadth of resource and support facilities, enables FSPL to deliver Project Management Consultancy services at both strategic and implementation levels And our in-house expertise in risk and programme scheduling allows us to test project credibility at all stages which means we can address any risks and maximize the opportunities.

Project management brings an organization a strategic advantage to consistently deliver excellence in the form of product and services, especially in today’s changing economic conditions. We effectively coordinate with the clients and monitor the progress of the projects at every stage of implementation and accordingly submit the reports to the clients.

Range of Services: –

  • Project Identification and Implementation.
  • Field Surveys and Analysis.
  • Detailed Design & Engineering.
  • Independent Engineering Services
  • Project Supervision and Quality Control / Assurance -Operation and Maintenance
  • Marketing of projects