Training and Development

Great output needs great input….FSPL

niche2Personal development is at the heart of our determination to be an employer of choice. We train, coach and mentor our people. To pass professional qualifications in leadership, in management, to achieve their ambitions. We use every channel from e-learning to skills networks, tutorials, face-to-face.

And we fuel those channels with a substantial proportion of our profits each year, reinvesting in the intellectual capital of everyone who works here. As mentors, as coaches, part of their job is to inspire, inform and guide you, giving you exposure to the best in the business.


Skills Development and Training Workshops:

Consulting and professional services is all about people –people your customers expect to be highly trained and capable in whatever areas of expertise necessary to solve their problems. Well trained staff gets the job done right the first time, and delivered with peak efficiency.

FSPL is at the forefront of the training industry and can provide experienced knowledge transfer and training to equip and prepare you for successful execution of a technology professional services and consulting business. Energize your skills. Enhance your value. Register for a Skills Development Workshop today! Workshops cover…